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2016 Assante Educational Event

On May 25th, 2016, Assante Vancouver Centre hosted a Client Educational Event with guest speakers Wallace Robinson and Dr. Glenn Landry. Both Wallace and Glenn graciously allowed us to film their presentations so that we could share them with you here. The videos can be viewed below.

Wallace Robinson: Advance Care Planning

Wallace Robinson is the leader for Advance Care Planning at St. Paul’s Hospital/Providence Health Care, and his presentation covers the important considerations in planning for one’s health and personal care, should a time come when you are not able to communicate for yourself. This is known in health care as Advance Care Planning. The presentation identifies aspects of the law that affect advance care planning, as well as the tools and options for creating an advance care plan in BC, with an emphasis on the importance of making your health care wishes known.

Wallace’s full presentation here:

Dr. Glenn Landry: Sleep & Cognitive Impact

Dr. Glenn Landry is a postdoctoral fellow in the Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose’s Aging, Mobility, and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at UBC. His research focuses on circadian rhythms, sleep, aging and cognition. Glenn discusses the impact of sleep on cognitive function and overall health, addresses the negative effects of declining sleep quality, and presents evidence that suggests we can and should improve our sleep.

Glenn’s full presentation here:

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