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December 15, 2021

Control the inheritance you leave to your heirs

If you were to imagine someone establishing a trust, you may picture an individual leaving their hilltop mansion and being driven by their chauffeur to stately law offices visited only by the rich and famous. In reality, a trust can be used by just about anyone to meet a variety of estate planning needs. One […]

Responsible investing is also smart investing

Today, more and more investors have greater expectations from the companies they invest in. It’s about more than companies turning a profit – it’s about how they do it. Are they protecting or harming the environment? Are they respecting or disregarding human rights? Investors want to know that companies are good corporate citizens. Investment management […]

When’s the best time to invest?

The year just ended demonstrates how different investors can react to the same market conditions. Starting in early 2021 and well into the summer months, stock markets surged overall. Some people wondered if they should boost their investment amounts to capitalize on the booming markets. But others worried about buying into the market at all […]


One of the tax breaks the government gives to couples takes place when the first spouse passes away. That person’s Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) can be taken over by the surviving spouse without taxes being payable at the time. So those funds continue to grow on a tax-deferred basis. But what happens if the […]

Prepare for the unexpected

One key outcome of the pandemic is the harsh reminder that anything can happen at any time. Many Canadians recognized the importance of having a financial cushion – especially business owners affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and those unable to work. We can’t predict if or when a challenge will arise, but we can prepare to […]