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Help your child purchase a home with an FHSA

Today’s housing market remains challenging, leaving many first-time home buyers hard-pressed to come up with a down payment. So, quite often, parents or grandparents want to help out. As of April 1, 2023, a new avenue has opened to help fund a down payment: the First-Home Savings Account (FHSA). Although you can’t contribute directly to […]

Investing during a market recovery

When markets have been below their peak for some time, it’s helpful—psychologically and financially—to keep in mind that down markets have always been followed by recoveries. Psychologically, you’ll feel reassured that better days are ahead. Financially, you’ll be able to continue investing while prices are lower. No one, experts included, knows when a bear market […]

Split your income to save tax

As an individual, you can save tax by using credits, deductions, exemptions and registered investment accounts. As part of a couple or family, you have opportunities to save tax by transferring money to your spouse or a child who’s in a lower tax bracket. [Section A] Here are some of the more common methods of […]

Spring clean your beneficiary choices

Say that the holder of a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) names their spouse as the beneficiary. Later, the couple divorces. The RRSP holder removes their ex-spouse from their will. However, with all the activity surrounding the divorce, they neglect to change the RRSP beneficiary designation from their ex-spouse to their child. If the RRSP […]

Should you co-sign a loan?

Your son asks if you’ll be a co-signer so he and his wife can qualify for a mortgage. Or a friend who’s struggling financially wants to know if you’ll co-sign a car loan. If anyone asks you to co-sign a loan, it’s not a decision to take lightly. You would be obligated to make any […]

A Smooth Start (For Now)

Investors’ appetites have increased as we entered 2023. Generally, at asset class level, the larger the loss in 2022, the larger the gain (recovery) in 2023, though this is only the data for January (see chart below). What made investors so optimistic? We recognize investors are feeling reassured by progress on several issues: First, China […]