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Finding Value in Canadian Growth

My career began within the financial services group at Ernst & Young and while three years of rigid audit tasks left little room for creativity, they provided a sound foundation in financial statement analysis and, given my client focus, an introduction to the capital markets. After obtaining my chartered accountant (CA) designation, I joined Macquarie […]

Have you named a trusted contact person?

The Canadian Securities Administrators, an umbrella organization of provincial and territorial securities regulators, introduced a measure two years ago to help protect investors’ financial interests. Investors could give their advisor the name of a “trusted contact person.” Meeting a need An advisor can contact this individual if the advisor believes the investor may be losing their […]

Transferring the family vacation property: now or later?

Across the country, a vacation property may be known as a cottage, cabin, chalet or camp. One thing they all share is a looming tax liability. When a vacation property is sold or transferred, the owner must pay tax on the capital gain. If an individual purchased a vacation property for $300,000 and sold it […]

When you retire, financial literacy expands

Wealth planning doesn’t retire when you do—it just changes. Now financial life is largely about making the most of the wealth you’ve accumulated. You’ll be learning about new rules, products and strategies that involve a broad range of financial considerations. Fortunately, your expanding financial literacy doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can acquire […]

Ways to save for a child’s education

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is widely acknowledged as the number one way to save for a child’s education. However, many Canadians use an RESP as the foundation and complement the plan with another investment vehicle. Why would parents or grandparents choose an additional way to invest? Usually, it’s to accumulate more savings or […]

Is downsizing the right decision?

When retirement is on the horizon or you’re already retired, you may start to think about downsizing. Often, it’s a difficult decision that involves considering a variety of financial, psychological and practical factors. Selling versus staying Homeowners are commonly motivated to sell when their home represents a sizable proportion of their net worth and they […]

Is the U.S. Print-To-Pay Policy Coming to an End?

Is the U.S. Print-To-Pay Policy Coming to an End? In our lives, we often deal with uncertainties. Some are “known unknowns”, meaning we were aware of the event/issue but uncertain about the outcome; some are “unknown unknowns”, meaning no one saw it coming, it was sudden and random, like the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. Today, […]

Lessons from March’s Bank Run

The misdirect Investors began the year with an extremely optimistic belief that an economic soft landing would be achieved in the U.S. with cooling inflation and that the U.S. Federal Reserve was very close to finished hiking rates. The S&P 500 Index rose to 4180 during the quarter (see chart below). This optimistic expectation was […]