Crypto 101 – Future Trends and Applications

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 24, 2022 In the fourth and final instalment of our series introducing crypto, we explore a couple trends that offer a hint at how this technology may shape our world in the future. NFTs During 2021 there was a significant increase in the number of articles about […]

Crypto 101 – Risks and Potential Downsides

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 15, 2022 Needless to say, nothing is perfect and in the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets this is especially true. We have identified a few of the risks and potential downsides; however, this is by no means an exhaustive list! 1. VOLATILITY One of the key […]

Crypto 101 – Terms to Know

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 8, 2022 Much like the need to learn a new language when living in a distant land, understanding this new vocabulary is important in navigating the world of crypto. Here are some key terms necessary to understand this brave new world: 1. Bitcoin: the first digital currency. […]

Rising Inflation Inevitably Leads to Bank Rate Hikes

Inflation and interest rates continue dominating news headlines as we begin 2022. Supply chain disruptions and higher oil prices have contributed to inflation recently topping 7% in the U.S. and 4.7% in Canada. It’s widely expected the Fed and Bank of Canada will raise interest rates soon to combat inflation. Senior Vice President and Chief […]

Crypto 101 – An Introduction

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 1, 2022  If, like us, you pay close attention to the news, you have probably read a lot about cryptocurrency (“crypto”) recently.  A quick search of the Internet provides some crypto-related headlines that are truly eyebrow-raising.  They include: “Most Millennial Millionaires Have Half or More of Assets in Crypto: Report,” “This […]

2022 Multi-Asset Outlook

As we enter 2022, we will once again follow the custom of sharing our market outlook for the coming year. Our expectations for 2021, strong equity performance and challenges for fixed income, came to fruition. We believe the first and second halves of 2022 will be quite different in terms of volatility, opportunities and sector […]


One of the tax breaks the government gives to couples takes place when the first spouse passes away. That person’s Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) can be taken over by the surviving spouse without taxes being payable at the time. So those funds continue to grow on a tax-deferred basis. But what happens if the […]

Prepare for the unexpected

One key outcome of the pandemic is the harsh reminder that anything can happen at any time. Many Canadians recognized the importance of having a financial cushion – especially business owners affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and those unable to work. We can’t predict if or when a challenge will arise, but we can prepare to […]

Why Financial Life should involve both Spouses

If you’re like most couples, each spouse ends up assuming responsibility for certain roles. Usually, that’s all well and good – but not when it comes to financial life. Here are several reasons why you’re better off when both spouses are involved in wealth management. Approach goals more effectively Very often in money matters, two […]

Lesser-known Ways to Profit and Save

We all like to learn about tips and tricks to get ahead financially, but not all of them are widely known. Here’s a collection of lesser-known wealth management strategies for everyone, from students to seniors. A win-win for critical illness insurance Did you know you can purchase critical illness insurance and get back all of […]