Crypto 101 – Future Trends and Applications

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 24, 2022 In the fourth and final instalment of our series introducing crypto, we explore a couple trends that offer a hint at how this technology may shape our world in the future. NFTs During 2021 there was a significant increase in the number of articles about […]

Crypto 101 – Risks and Potential Downsides

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 15, 2022 Needless to say, nothing is perfect and in the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets this is especially true. We have identified a few of the risks and potential downsides; however, this is by no means an exhaustive list! 1. VOLATILITY One of the key […]

Crypto 101 – Terms to Know

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 8, 2022 Much like the need to learn a new language when living in a distant land, understanding this new vocabulary is important in navigating the world of crypto. Here are some key terms necessary to understand this brave new world: 1. Bitcoin: the first digital currency. […]

Crypto 101 – An Introduction

By J. Ferguson and M. Ferrandi Posted February 1, 2022  If, like us, you pay close attention to the news, you have probably read a lot about cryptocurrency (“crypto”) recently.  A quick search of the Internet provides some crypto-related headlines that are truly eyebrow-raising.  They include: “Most Millennial Millionaires Have Half or More of Assets in Crypto: Report,” “This […]

Prepare your executor

Unless you prepare properly, your executor could end up feeling more like a detective. Where are receipts for the final tax return? Where’s the life insurance policy? What, there’s an old bank account from 20 years ago? The job of the executor is involved enough without having to search for information and documents that could’ve […]

Will you need life and health insurance in retirement?

During your working years, many types of insurance are usually considered to be necessary. For example, life insurance protects your family’s financial security and disability insurance protects your income. In retirement, life and health insurance is to a large extent optional, but may still be regarded as essential to many retirees. Disability and critical illness […]

Time for an RESP checkup?

Set it and forget it. That’s an easy trap to fall into after opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Simply choose your investments, make regular contributions – being sure to trigger the maximum annual Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG)  – and watch your investments grow. The reality, however, is there are things to do. […]

Investing in the home stretch

For most people, investing changes as retirement approaches. The number one concern is usually wealth protection. If markets suffer a severe downturn just before your planned retirement, you want to know your nest egg will remain intact and you’ll still retire on time. Safeguarding a nest egg was easier a generation or two ago. Thanks […]