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Naming a beneficiary in a will may be seen as the most common way to leave an inheritance to a

Tip of the AI Iceberg

If you wake up tomorrow morning believing the world is about the same as today, you are probably missing something.

A wealth plan identifies your life goals and provides you with a personalized wealth management strategy to meet your financial

In the early months of 2020, the coronavirus outbreak led to a sudden market meltdown—only to be followed by a

The day may come when your parents find it more difficult to take care of their financial matters. Your help

It’s called the retirement risk zone—the period of several years before your retirement date and the initial years of your

Financial Planning

Five items often overlooked in a will

Loyalty programs Each loyalty program has its own rules about whether points can be transferred to a beneficiary, so check your programs’ policies. When allowed, list the loyalty program in

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Economic Insights

The sun is shining again!

The following is a commentary written by our sub-advisors, Munro Partners, who manage a U.S. equity mandate and a global mandate for our program. They are based in Australia and are

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Economic Insights

Our 2024 Wish List

As we enter a new year, we consider the following a “wish list”: lower inflation, lower interest rates, higher investment value and, last but not least, peace! As inflation continues

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Well-Advised Newsletter

Well-Advised: Spring 2024 Edition

It’s been said that the only constant in life is change, and this issue of Well-Advised illustrates how this saying certainly applies to our financial life. In fact, most of

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Economic Insights

What to expect in 2024

It is the time of the year when we reflect, celebrate and look forward. Following a tougher 2022, equity and fixed income both returned positively in 2023. Technology companies (the

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