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Meet Our Teams

At Assante Vancouver Centre, our advisors have been helping clients with their financial affairs for over 25 years. Relying on our extensive education and experience, we provide comprehensive financial planning for individuals and multi- generational families.

Everything we do is guided by one key principal: we put our clients first. We work hard to ensure we have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to help you deal with everything in your life that is impacted by your financial situation. 

Danielson Group Wealth Management

Assante Capital Management

Frank Danielson

B.Ed, CFP® - Senior Financial Planner

Ray Glicksohn

B.Comm, CFP®, CIM - Senior Financial Planner

David Woo

B.Comm, CFP®, CIM, RFP - Senior Financial Planner

Tony Morgan

Financial Planner

Adam Crompton

B.Comm, CFA - Financial Advisor

When you work with Danielson Group Wealth Management, you’re not just working with a single advisor. Our close-knit team of wealth advisors and associates works together to support high net worth families, business owners, incorporated medical specialists and retirees.

Genea Wealth

Assante Financial Management

Jason Ferguson

CFP®, BA, MA - Senior Wealth Advisor

Doug Leard

CFP®, CPCA - Senior Wealth Advisor

Peter Neugebauer

PFP - Senior Wealth Advisor

Kerry Leard

B.Comm. - Wealth Advisor

Our purpose is to make wealth management elegantly simple and empower our clients to enjoy ‘lifestyle for lifetime’. We appreciate that you have worked hard to attain your wealth — and we know that you desire to do good, invest well, and pass on not only your wealth, but also your values to the generations to follow. 

Herrick Wealth

Assante Financial Management

Colin Herrick

CFP®, FMA - Senior Wealth Advisor

Mona Pourabdollahian

Associate Financial Advisor

We appreciate that you have worked hard to attain your wealth — and we know that you desire to do good, invest well, and pass on not only your wealth, but also your values to the generations to follow. We also know that managing your wealth can be complex and time-consuming. 

Hurlburt Jarvis Wealth

Assante Financial Management

Cathie Hurlburt

CFP®, CLU, R.F.P, FMA, CFDS, CHS - Senior Financial Planner

Russel Jarvis

CFP® - Financial Planner

Irma Mattes

CFP®, FMA, EPC, RRC - Financial Planner

Financial planners do much more than manage your investments; our real value is in our advice. We look ahead to see what’s coming next, and divide the preparations into manageable chunks. We also ask, “What are the potential consequences – good and bad – of your options?” Oh, and before you make a decision, call me first.”

Klay Nelson

Assante Financial Management

Klay Nelson

CFP®, R.F.P. - Senior Wealth Advisor

Jonah Angeles

BBA, CFP®, CEA - Wealth Advisor

Raj Mundi

BBA - Associate Financial Advisor

I can help you gain peace of mind and achieve your dreams for the future. Whether it’s a worry-free retirement, saving for your children’s education, fulfilling a lifelong ambition, running a prosperous business or leaving a legacy to your loved ones or a cherished cause, I can work with you every step of the way.

Legacy Family Office

Assante Financial Management

Paul W. Lermitte

BA, CFP®, R.F.P.®, FEA - Senior Wealth Advisor

Jeff Hector

BA, CPA, CA, FEA - Senior Wealth Advisor

Kelly Pather

CFP®, CEA, CPCA - Senior Wealth Advisor

Ksenia Kovarsky

CFP®, FEA - Financial Planner

B. Spencer Rolls

BA, CFP®, CIM, FEA - Financial Planner

Vito Poletto

BBA, CFP® - Wealth Advisor

We are a multi-generational advisory firm that helps navigate the complexities of family, business, and money in order to protect your wealth and legacy for generations.

PermaWealth Group

Assante Capital Management

Carlos Arostegui

BBA, CFP®, CIM - Financial Planner

Josie Madunic

BA, CFP®, CPCA - Financial Planner

Don Proteau

B.Comm., CFP®, CIM® - Senior Financial Planner

Lainie Loo

B.Comm, CFP®, RRC - Associate Financial Advisor

Brant Taylor

CFP®, CLU®, R.F.P.®, CEA - Senior Financial Planner

Imagine living comfortably knowing your children and grandchildren are financially secure. Maybe you wish to set up your dream foundation to leave something positive behind for the next generation. Building a financial plan with an unbiased Perma Wealth advisor will show the way.

Steven Joe Financial

Assante Financial Management

Steven Joe

CPA, CA, CFP® - Senior Financial Planner

Gary Lyons

BA, LL.B - Senior Wealth Advisor

Cameron Walker

BComm, CFA - Associate Financial Advisor

Steven Joe Financial provides a stress free, convenient “one-stop shop” for the management of your personal finances. We provide advanced tax, estate, and business planning (sales/transactions) to successful entrepreneurs, professionals and High Net Worth families. Our service is highly customized to help clients identify and achieve specific goals.

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Sean Etherington

“At CI Assante Wealth Management, ensuring the security of assets entrusted to us by clients is a key priority. It goes hand in hand with our mission – to help create wealth and prosperity for Canadian families."

Sean Etherington
President CI Assante Wealth Management