Meeting multiple goals with a TFSA

Ever since the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) was launched in 2009, many Canadians have used it as a general savings account. However, to make the most of a TFSA, it should be targeted to reach a specific financial goal. Only when you identify a goal can you align your TFSA investments with your financial objective, […]

Do you and your parents have powers of attorney?

If someone suffers a cognitive decline and loses their ability to manage their financial affairs, it’s a common misconception that a loved one can automatically step in and take over. That’s only the case when the person in need has made a power of attorney for property. The “power of attorney” is the legal document, […]

Prepare your children for financial responsibility

Financial literacy month—November, in Canada— is just around the corner. We have reason to be proud: Canadian youth rank among the top in the world for financial literacy. Every three years, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) conducts a survey among 15-year-old students in 20 countries. In the most recent results, Canada tied for […]

Managing Financial Life in a Second Marriage

According to Statistics Canada, more than one in four Canadians in a couple is in a second or subsequent marriage or common-law relationship. For most people getting together as a new couple, financial life will change. Here’s a look at several financial and wealth planning matters that may be different the second time around. Yours, […]

Life Decisions and the Financial Factor

How do you make important life decisions? Make and evaluate a list of pros and cons? Discuss the matter with your spouse or a close friend? Trust your intuition? Everyone has their own style, and you might use different methods depending on the issue. Whichever method you use, you’ll probably find that many life decisions, […]

Is Cryptocurrency for Investors or Speculators?

Can you name three things you can pay for with cryptocurrency in Canada? If you’re like most Canadians, you’re probably struggling for an answer, and this illustrates what makes cryptocurrency so unusual. Without fulfilling its purpose as a viable currency, it has become a worldwide investment phenomenon. If you want to know three things cryptocurrency […]

Concerned about Inflation?

Recently, Canada’s inflation rate climbed to a 30-year high. While that affects our cost of living with goods and services getting pricier, rising inflation also impacts our investments. The good news is that inflation is already one of the potential investment risks that money managers and advisors monitor and respond to, as needed. Impact on […]

Prepare for the unexpected

One key outcome of the pandemic is the harsh reminder that anything can happen at any time. Many Canadians recognized the importance of having a financial cushion – especially business owners affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and those unable to work. We can’t predict if or when a challenge will arise, but we can prepare to […]

Why Financial Life should involve both Spouses

If you’re like most couples, each spouse ends up assuming responsibility for certain roles. Usually, that’s all well and good – but not when it comes to financial life. Here are several reasons why you’re better off when both spouses are involved in wealth management. Approach goals more effectively Very often in money matters, two […]

Lesser-known Ways to Profit and Save

We all like to learn about tips and tricks to get ahead financially, but not all of them are widely known. Here’s a collection of lesser-known wealth management strategies for everyone, from students to seniors. A win-win for critical illness insurance Did you know you can purchase critical illness insurance and get back all of […]