Lesser-known Ways to Profit and Save

We all like to learn about tips and tricks to get ahead financially, but not all of them are widely known. Here’s a collection of lesser-known wealth management strategies for everyone, from students to seniors. A win-win for critical illness insurance Did you know you can purchase critical illness insurance and get back all of […]

The Pandemic and the Piggy Bank

Just over 12 months ago, provinces and territories responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by declaring states of emergency. Restrictions and lockdowns have affected Canadians in different ways, and one of the starkest differences involves savings. Some people needed to tap into their savings, while others saw their savings accumulate. When income decreases Business owners, professionals […]

How did you react to market volatility?

When your investment program was established, you answered questions that helped determine how much risk you were able to tolerate. You had to imagine how you would react to a significant loss in portfolio value. But imagination isn’t needed when reality hits – just take yourself back to the COVID-19 fallout of March 2020. Major […]

Maintaining Financial Peace of Mind

When fears over COVID-19 sent markets plummeting in March, investors felt the initial shock. But markets rallied in the following weeks, turning shock to a sense of hope. The trouble is, however, no one knows how long the rebound will take – and it’s been marked by volatility. As an investor, how can you have […]