Should market conditions affect how you invest?

It’s only human nature to want to take maximum advantage of a bull market and resist investing in a bear market. But our natural inclinations aren’t always the wisest investment choices. When markets are strong Say that an investor is enjoying solid returns from their equity investments during an extended bull run. This person has […]

Meeting multiple goals with a TFSA

Ever since the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) was launched in 2009, many Canadians have used it as a general savings account. However, to make the most of a TFSA, it should be targeted to reach a specific financial goal. Only when you identify a goal can you align your TFSA investments with your financial objective, […]

Managing a windfall, large or small

It’s a challenge no one minds facing: determining what to do if a lump sum comes your way. With a smaller windfall, the decision often focuses exclusively on how to use the money. A larger windfall brings larger issues into play. Bonuses, tax refunds and more Some of the smaller windfalls may seem like found […]

Should you delay your OAS pension?

Last summer, Old Age Security (OAS) benefits permanently increased for the first time in almost 50 years. The payment increase is 10% and applies to seniors aged 75 and older. This increase gets a further boost when seniors delay starting their OAS benefits. Monthly payments increase by 0.6% for each month you delay payments beyond […]

Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain

The October U.S. CPI, as reported at an annualized rate below 4%, leads to some hope that the Fed’s hiking has been effective, and rates are close to terminal. Investors have re-priced terminal Fed Funds rates throughout the year, from as low as 2% to most recently 5%. The current CPI details reveal that prices […]

Ever get emotional about your investments?

Often, it’s wise to trust our emotions, but something strange happens when it comes to investing. When markets soar, our emotions try to sway us to buy high, and when markets fall, our emotional response is to want to sell—the opposite of the “buy low, sell high” investment ideal. The chart shows the path of […]

In the world of investing, time is your friend

When you think of how time helps you achieve investment objectives, the first thing that comes to mind may be compound growth. You make an investment, reinvest your returns year after year, and continue to earn returns on both your original contribution and all of the accumulated returns. Given enough time, the value of the […]

Buy low, sell high—the challenges and opportunities

Buy low, sell high is one of the most famous mantras in investing. It’s the investment ideal, if you could do it regularly and successfully. The trouble is, if you aim to buy low and sell high by trying to time the market, you’ll face conditions that are unpredictable. Challenges of market timing Let’s start […]

Can your risk tolerance change?

Risk tolerance can be described in several ways, but it often comes down to this question: How much of a decline in the value of your investments are you comfortable accepting in exchange for higher potential returns over the longer term? For most people, risk tolerance doesn’t change—at least not until retirement nears. However, certain […]

Is Cryptocurrency for Investors or Speculators?

Can you name three things you can pay for with cryptocurrency in Canada? If you’re like most Canadians, you’re probably struggling for an answer, and this illustrates what makes cryptocurrency so unusual. Without fulfilling its purpose as a viable currency, it has become a worldwide investment phenomenon. If you want to know three things cryptocurrency […]