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Well-Advised: Spring 2024 Edition

It’s been said that the only constant in life is change, and this issue of Well-Advised illustrates how this saying certainly applies to our financial life. In fact, most of the articles in this issue involve change in some way.

Your wealth plan is a roadmap to achieving your life goals. The Page 1 article explains why this important plan is not set in stone, but is subject to change for multiple reasons.

A major life change that many of us will experience is the reversal of roles when we become the ones to help care for our parents. The article on Page 3 addresses ways we can assist our aging parents with organizing their financial affairs.

The article on Page 2 looks at changes in the markets and emphasizes that volatility is the rule, not the exception. But don’t worry—the article includes tips on how to manage volatility and even benefit from its upside.

What happens if market volatility strikes around the time you retire? A Page 4 article discusses investing in the retirement risk zone.

Finally, also on Page 4, you’ll read about several items commonly left out of wills―and perhaps find one or more you may want to include in your own.

We hope you and your family are doing well. Please contact us whenever we can help you with your wealth management program.

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